In this section, you will find all my best sourdough tips and recipes. All of them are very easy and uncomplicated to make.

How to Make Sourdough Crackers

How to Make Sourdough Crackers

Sourdough crackers are so easy to make! This is a copy-cat recipe of Rustic Bakery’s crackers but healthier with no sugar or canola oil. Everyone loves a good cracker and now you can make your own sourdough crackers. With the holidays just around the corner, you will want to keep this easy recipe in your …

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Sourdough Lemon Cake

Sourdough Lemon Cake

This easy sourdough lemon cake is perfect for the summer. The addition of sourdough gives it a deeper taste and moist texture. Bright lemon cakes are perfect for those hot summer days. This recipe gets an extra flavor boost from the addition of sourdough which also makes it nicely moist. As with all my recipes, …

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homemade sourdough pasta

How to Make Sourdough Pasta

Here’s my easy and simple recipe for delicious sourdough pasta that will sure be a hit in your family. Serve it as is or with your favorite sauce. Everyone is loving sourdough! And for good reason. It makes a fantastic bread whether it’s a lighter artisan style or denser whole-grain European-style bread. Have you thought …

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