Homestead Anywhere, a free homesteading book.

Free Homestead Book: “Homestead Anywhere”

15 of my homesteading friends and I are sharing our collective wisdom, experience, and advice for homesteading anywhere.

We believe that you can homestead anywhere, regardless of where you live!

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That is why I got together with these brilliant and personable women to create a free e-book with almost 200 pages. It teaches you everything you might want to know about homesteading with topics such as:

  • Homesteading dreaming and dedication
  • Canning
  • Introduction to knitting and crocheting
  • Making a tissue box cover
  • Simple DIY home projects
  • Making beeswax wraps
  • Raising backyard chickens
  • Raising meat birds
  • Simplifying your life and overcoming overwhelm
  • Homemade toiletries
  • Homemade cleaning products with essential oils
  • How to find land
  • How to get out of debt
  • Gardening and composting
  • How to start a vegetable garden
  • Strawberries in a jar
  • How to start a from-scratch pantry

And all that with a foreword by Lisa Bass from “Farmhouse on Boone”!

Foreword by: Lisa Bass from “Farmhouse on Boone
Alicia from “The Cultivating Nurse
Yours truly, Amy Cross from “The Cross Legacy
Anja from “Our Gabled Home
Barbara from “Farmhouse By Sea
Barbra-Sue from “Kowalski Mountain
Becky from “The Homestead Nurse
Brandi Bobb from “Through The Kitchen
Candice from “Simply Candice
Courtney from “The Wright Family Homestead
Dee from “She Mams With Oils
Deirdre from “Kindling Wild
Elizabeth from “At Home on the Prairie
Errika from “The Home Intent
Juliea from “Farmhouse Harvest
Kyrie from “Healthfully Rooted Home
Tiffany from “Growing Dawn

Get Your FREE Homestead Book Here

Homestead Anywhere, a free homesteading book.

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