Simple, easy, and delicious ideas for all sorts of breakfast recipes that will get your day started healthy and nourished.

how to make German quark

How to Make German Quark

Find out how easy it is to make German quark – a very versatile, fresh cheese similar to ricotta or cottage cheese. We love making cultured dairy and quark is one of them. Maybe you have visited Germany and seen it there or have heard of it. If you haven’t, let me introduce this delicious …

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homemade rosehip jam

How to Make Rosehip Jam

In the fall, you’ll find these beautiful red rosehips on wild rose bushes that are not only very healthy but also make a very tasty rosehip jam and tea. I was recently out on a walk and happened to notice this wild rose bush. Actually, I only noticed it because it had these beautiful red …

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Make your own Yoghurt

How to Easily Make Yogurt at Home

Learn my ridiculously easy way for homemade yogurt that is cheap, delicious, and lets you control ingredients and taste. Homemade yogurt is so easy to make it’s almost ridiculous.  If you’re just starting out adding homemade cultured foods into your diet, this is such an easy one to try! Actually, making yogurt is so easy …

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how to make elderberry jam

How to Make Elderberry Jam

Elderberry jam is a delicious and healthy spread for toast or a topping for yogurt or oatmeal. If you love elderberries as much as I do, you might be interested in turning them into elderberry jam or elderberry juice. Most people know and love elderberries from elderberry syrup. Full of vitamin C, this syrup has …

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