Main Dishes

In this section, you will find lots of healthy and delicious recipes for main dishes. Many of them are German heritage recipes.

Quark with Potatoes and Flax Oil

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This simple but classic dish combines quark with a good helping of flax oil and boiled potatoes. It is such a healthy springtime meal. With spring just around the corner, we are now craving lighter dishes. German quark with flax oil and boiled potatoes is something that we like to eat often now. But not …

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How to make Swiss Cheese Fondue

How to Make Swiss Cheese Fondue

This is our all-time favorite recipe for an authentic Swiss cheese fondue that you can easily make at home! We love making Swiss cheese fondue! It is the perfect winter dish to share with family and friends. Over the years, I have tried various recipes and this is our all-time favorite. It comes out perfect …

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