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Check out all my freebies, free resources, and downloads. They will simplify your homemaking journey even more.

Cross-over apron pattern

cross back apron

This is my number 1 freebie: a free download of my popular cross-over apron. I love making it from a linen blend but any fabric works. You can go to the sewing tutorial or directly download the pattern HERE.

Sourdough Life Cycle

sourdough starter

You have probably heard about my radically different sourdough method. Whether that is making a sourdough starter or maintaining my existing sourdough starter. Especially if you’re wondering about my maintenance method, sometimes a picture can say more than a thousand words. Therefore, I have created a visual freebie of the lifecycle of my sourdough starter. You can get it right HERE.

5 Healthy Spring Dinner Ideas

quiche on plate - freebie

Whether you’re looking for some easy dinner ideas during spring – or any time -, you can check out this freebie. It contains 5 beautiful downloadable recipe cards for dinners you can cook right away. Click HERE to get them.

5 Healthy Summer Dinner Recipes

pasta dinner - freebie

This is another highly requested resource: creative ideas for easy summer evening meals. You can download and print the recipe cards for 5 meals right HERE.

Spring Cleaning Guide

cleaning items in home

I don’t know about you but cleaning is not one of my top 5 activities. However, if I have a plan and a spring cleaning list, it really makes the job easier and more organized. HERE you can download your free guide.

25+ Ways to Remove Plastics from Your Home

glass jars

It is not only better for your health but also for the environment to reduce the amount of plastic around us. In this list, I am giving you 25+ ways that you can start removing plastics from your home right now. Get the list HERE.

25+ Ways to Save Money in the Kitchen

apples and pears in homestead kitchen

Things tend to get more expensive all the time. Whether you are on a tight budget or simply like the idea of being frugal, I have collected over 25 easy ways that you can save money in your kitchen. Get your free list right HERE.

Cough Syrup Labels

herbal cough syrup for children

This herbal cough syrup was such an effective and natural remedy when our kids were younger. But even adults can benefit from this cough syrup. I have created free labels that you can get HERE, either for this recipe or your own.

Homestead Anywhere E-Book

Homestead Anywhere, a free homesteading book.

15 of my homesteading friends and I are sharing our collective wisdom, experience, and advice for homesteading anywhere. Includes a forward by popular homesteader Lisa from Farmhouse on Boone! Get your FREE copy of Homestead Anywhere E-Book Here