About My Homesteading Lifestyle

If you love a back-to-your-roots lifestyle, using old-fashioned skills, and time-tested homesteading practices, you have come to the right place!

My name is Anja Eckert. I am so glad you stopped by! Keep reading to learn a bit more about me and my homesteading lifestyle.

Lets start at the beginning …

Anja Eckert in her kitchen with a jar of sourdough starter in her hand

My German Roots

I grew up in Germany where my grandparents with their old-fashioned way of life were a big inspiration to me — unbeknownst to me at the time. 

With a huge garden, they were mostly self-sustaining. They ate simple, healthy, and real food. They lived a very sustainable lifestyle. 

I watched them find and juice elderberries so we could drink the warm juice in the winter. I helped them harvest herbs, fruits, and vegetables from their garden

When staying with them, I often went to one of the dairy farms in the village to fetch raw milk that was still warm. My grandmother would take off the cream and ferment some of the milk.

My grandmother taught my mom how to make a sourdough starter and sourdough bread from a generations-old recipe. We ate good homemade food.  

My grandparents lived an organic lifestyle before that was even a word.

I was baking with whole wheat when even in Germany that was considered pretty “granola” 😉

Myself, my brother, my mom, my grandmother, my grandfather at a picnic table in the garden
Me, my brother, my mom, my grandmother, and my grandfather in their garden

Back to My Roots

In 1996, I moved to Northern California. My handy, handsome husband is my biggest supporter and my adult sons are helping a lot behind the scenes.

Most days, you can find me in the kitchen making food or thinking about a new recipe. Or recreating a German food or recipe that I can’t easily find in the US.  

My creative side comes out when I am sewing another Dirndl dress or chair slipcover. Or I knit something beautiful and useful. 

However, anything I do has to be simple and easy. I don’t like when things become complicated!

On this homesteading blog, I am sharing my passions and endeavors. I hope that you, too, enjoy learning about a more simple, beautiful, healthy, and sustainable lifestyle.

My grandparents have passed away but their spirit lives on in this home. I have inherited a lot of their furniture and other heirlooms — but most importantly, their homesteading way of life.

Anja with a basket full of German crusty rolls
me with a basket full of German crusty rolls

What You Will Find On This Blog: 

  • Simple & easy recipes that I’ve tested in my own kitchen that I hope you’ll try and love
  • Lots of sourdough recipes and how-tos
  • Homemaking, homesteading, and all sorts of DIY content
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More About Anja & This Blog

How did you come up with the name Our Gabled Home?

Our 1910 Victorian home has two gables (a gable roof is a roof consisting of two sections whose upper horizontal edges meet to form its ridge).

What do you recommend for someone who is completely new to sourdough?

You will find a lot of instructions and beginner-friendly sourdough tutorials in my sourdough resources section.

Are your recipes healthy?

All of my recipes use real food ingredients. Making food from scratch and with love is how we keep healthy.

Do you ever take recipe requests?

With an ever-evolving library of recipes, I will definitely consider requests. You can send me an email or a DM on Instagram.