How to Clean the Cast Iron Grate of a Gas Stove Without Harsh Chemicals

It’s very easy but highly effective to clean the cast iron grate of your gas stove using only natural, non-toxic cleaners.

I don’t like harsh chemicals in my home.

They are bad news for your health and for the environment.

But I do like to keep my home clean.

Our grandparents didn’t have today’s cleaners and still cleaned their whole house with very basic ingredients.

Therefore, I am always looking for ways to clean my home with natural, non-toxic cleaners.

Among my favorites are white vinegar, lemons, sal suds, and a mild abrasive such as Bon Ami.

Since they are as natural as they come, you can easily combine them. I would highly advise against combining commercial cleaners, though!

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The cast iron grate of a gas stove

You may know that I love to cook. We got our gas stove over a decade ago and it’s been great. We have cooked, boiled, fried, sautéed, and steamed many dishes on this gas stove. It is a hard-working appliance in our home.

Shamefully, I have not really cleaned it. That is the cast iron grate. The stainless steel top? Yes, of course, and that is fairly easy to do. It also shows dirt and spills more easily.

Recently, I was looking at the grates and they looked bad. Not only that, they felt bad. All those caked-on food splatters and spills made it very sticky.

There was no way around it – I knew I had to clean it!!

how to clean cast iron grate of gas stove
What a difference: left side: dirty, right side: clean

What cleaners to use for your cast iron grate?

Since I was dealing with mostly grease but also other caked-on food, I knew I needed a combination of cleaners.

I love sal suds, as it is a bio-degradable cleaner. It’s really multi-purpose.

Next, I knew that I needed to cut through the grease. Therefore, I chose white vinegar.

With all this baked-on food, I also needed a mild abrasive. Bon Ami is exactly that.

natural cleaners for gast stove
my favorite natural cleaners

How to clean the cast iron grate?

I took the first cast iron grate and placed it in our bathtub. You want to be careful so as not to scratch up your tub. You might even consider placing some cloth underneath as protection.

Even when using natural cleaners, I like to protect my hands with household gloves. An old toothbrush is perfect to get into all the little spaces and corners (we always save and reuse old toothbrushes for jobs like this one).

Having my sal suds, vinegar, and Bon Ami by the side, I started scrubbing away. Basically, I was rotating around my three cleaners. In between, I rinsed the grates off with hot water to see which parts were clean and which needed more scrubbing.

I’ll be honest, there is a bit of elbow grease involved. But knowing that I won’t inhale toxic chemicals or drain them into the water system makes it more than worth it for me.

The whole process for both grates – that hadn’t been cleaned in over a decade – took maybe 30 – 40 minutes.

I assume that cleaning them on a regular basis will take much less time!

scrubbing cast iron grate of gast stove
scrubbing away

How to finish?

We also like to save old T-shirts and towels. Using one of those, I thoroughly dried off the grates. Since they are cast iron, you don’t want to keep them wet … (ahem … not what I had been doing over the years …).

Once they were dry, I poured some avocado oil on a dry lint-free cloth and applied a thin coat of oil to the grates. This protects both the cast iron from rust and from food sticking to it too much.

pouring oil
using avocado oil
apply thin layer of oil to cast iron grate
to apply a thin layer of oil to the cast iron grate

The verdict

I have to say that I wasn’t sure if I could clean both cast-iron grates using only natural cleaners. However, I am impressed with how well they turned out. The whole process didn’t take very long. It also wasn’t very hard.

clean cast iron grate
all nice and shiny

Where to get the cleaners:

Bon Ami in your local grocery store or here

Sal Suds in your local grocery store or online

White vinegar in your local grocery store or here

Latex or household gloves in your local grocery store or here

Read more about natural cleaning:

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I would love to hear your comments and questions in the comments below!

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  1. I used to clean mine like that, until I realized I should probably treat it as I do my cast iron pans! So I started doing that instead, and now they look black and healthy as they did when new – otherwise you get that grey-ish, dull look on them, from stripping the finish off with the vinegar and abrasives. I’ve just recently realized this and it was like a lightbulb went off in my head! If I have to deep clean it this way again, I will finish it off in the oven like you do with the pans – and bring it back to its glory! 😉

    I’m new here and I am enjoying your website very much! Cheers from Denmark.

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  4. My grate is ruff not shiny and smooth. Do I clean it the same way ? Mine is one grate for the whole stove top.

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