How to Make Pom Pom Chicks

These cute pom pom chicks are a simple craft you can do in less than 30 mins. They are easy enough that you can do them with your kids, too!

When we were kids we had these tiny little Easter pom pom chicks that I just couldn’t get enough of.

They were store-bought. But cute! However, I like handmade. And I like quick little projects.

These adorable little pom pom chicks are just the perfect quick project! Let me show you how to make them!

pom pom chicks in nest

What you need to make pom pom chicks

All you need is

  • yellow yarn
  • a piece of red felt
  • good scissors
  • darning needle or blunt needle
  • glue
supplies for pom pom chicks

I got my yarn from our local JoAnn’s craft store but you can also get it from amazon. This is the yarn I got.

I also bought the felt at my local crafts store. You can find it here on amazon as well.

You probably have good scissors and glue already and maybe a darning needle. Otherwise, something like this works.

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How to make the pom pom chicks

Gather all your supplies.

Making the body of the pom pom chick:

1: Thread some yarn (around 6 inches) into your darning needle and set that aside.

2: Begin wrapping your yarn around 2 fingers. Keep doing this until you have a good chunk of yarn on those fingers. If in doubt, always do more. It will make your pom pom chicks look better and fluffier.

yellow yarn wrapped around two fingers

3: Push the darning needle with the yarn through this wound-up yarn over your fingers.

4: Carefully pull the yarn off your fingers.

yellow pom pom with a blue darning needle

5: Using the yarn from the darning needle, tie a double knot around your wound-up yarn. Leave the ends of the yarn.

tying a yellow pom pom

6. Cut all the loops open.

a yellow pom pom and scissors

7: Begin shaping the pom pom chick’s body by trimming the yarn. Set this aside.

a yellow pom pom

Making the head of the pom pom chick

7: Simply repeat this process for the head of the pom pom chick. The head is supposed to be just a bit smaller than the pom pom chick’s body.

putting together pom pom chick

8: Tie the loose strings together to attach the body to the head.

Finishing the pom pom chick

9. From the red felt, cut the beak. I like to cut a folded triangle so it looks like the beak is open. You can also just cut out 1 triangle.

beak for pom pom chick and glue

Since I like to keep things simple, I am done. However, you can always add some eyes (from black felt or get real eyes) and feet (from brown felt) if you like.

yellow pom pom chicks with yellow yarn

You can make a few of them and decorate your Easter table with them.

Easter pom pom chicks

You can also make pom pom bunnies out of brown yarn, or other bird chicks. I am sure you will get more inspired!

pom pom chicks with eggs

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I’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

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