Cross-Over Apron Printable Pattern


Downloadable, printable pattern for a cross-over apron. Best for small/medium sizes. Contact me if you have questions or problems with the download.


Downloadable, printable pattern for a cross-over apron. Best for small/medium sizes.
Contact me at [email protected] if you have questions or problems with the download.
I recommend downloading the files right after purchase!

10 reviews for Cross-Over Apron Printable Pattern

  1. Michele Russomanno

    Do you have a pattern for a plus size woman?

    • admin

      Not yet … However, you can add about 1-3″ or so straight down the middle of the apron. Hope this helps ~ Anja

  2. Carol Ayala (verified owner)

    I purchased the pattern… how do I download?

    • admin

      I am sending you an email ~ Anja

      • Susan Stone

        Are there still issues with pattern?

        • admin

          Hi Susan, I am not sure I understand your question … let me know what exactly you’d like to know ~ Anja

  3. Shannon

    Hi I bought the gorgeous pattern a few days a go. Where do I download it from please?

    • admin

      Hi Shannon, I’ll send you a message to your email address!

  4. Carolyn Abbot

    Okay I finally found the place to order pattern ($4.99). I tried to order 1 and it would not update to one. It was blank. When I finally got a total it was $56,000.00 total. Could not get it to change to $4.99. The other link just showed a pencil drawn pattern. So where is the actual pattern???I went over to Microsoft Edge and got the same problem. Can you help?

    • admin

      Hi Carolyn, I’ll send you an email so check your inbox 😊, Anja

  5. Jolene (verified owner)

    I also originally had issues accessing the printable file with the pattern. Both files appeared to be the same 3 page file (1 written instructions, 1 blank page, and 1 of the overall outline) but after reading Anja’s comment about the browser type sometimes being the cause, I switched from my usual Chrome browser to the Microsoft Edge and lo & behold, I was able to view all 8 pages of the printable pattern and print it! So if anyone reading this is having issues viewing the files, I recommend trying to access via the links in the email on another browser type. And be sure to save the file to your computer for ease of future access. I’m excited to start on these!

    • admin

      Thank you so much for this!!! And yes, switching browsers has been helping people who had problems with the download. Unfortunately, I am much better at baking and sewing than all this techie stuff so I am not sure how to solve this issue 😌

  6. Maria D-B (verified owner)

    I purchased the pattern for the apron last night and I was not able to download it. Can you please send it to me again? Thank you so much.

    • admin

      Hi Maria, I am so sorry … often it seems it is a browser issue. I will send it to your email address 💛 ~ Anja

  7. Sandra Saenz

    Unable to download and enter quantity.

    • admin

      I’ll send you an email!

  8. Ardina Marks (verified owner)

    Hello Anja,
    I got the email after purchasing the apron pattern. I saw the pattern and tried to send it to my phone to print as I cannot print from my iPad. I sent it to myself on messenger and when I tried to open it to print it, it was telling me I reached my download limit. I couldn’t even save it to my iPad and now I don’t have it at all. It says it never expires so why can’t I open it and download it more than once.

    • admin

      I’ll send you an email!

  9. Kate Cloonan (verified owner)

    Very difficult to make a purchase. Paid for 1 pattern. Waiting for download

    • admin

      I am sorry to hear that. Please let me know if you have not been able to download the pattern!

  10. Kate

    Am online now and trying to purchase the pattern. Unable to enter the quantity (1) and add to cart. Please advise.

    • admin

      Thank you and hopefully you got it figured out! Let me know if not!

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