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I am excited to try out products from Public Goods. Everything is organic with sustainability in mind. Here, am sharing my first impression.

Let’s get this out of the way:

Here on my blog and on my Youtube channel, I share products that I personally use and love.

I do get quite a number of requests from companies to promote their products. Unfortunately, many of them don’t resonate with me and my values.

When I learned about Public Goods, I was definitely intrigued. Keep reading why and how I like their products.

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Full disclaimer: I received the items for free, however, all the opinions in here are my own!

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What is the Public Goods company?

In a nutshell, Public Goods is a membership-based online business that ships everyday grocery and household items to your doorstep.

According to their website, the Public Goods company is “Your one-stop shop for healthy, sustainable,
everyday essentials you can trust.” They go on to promise “Sustainable materials. Healthy ingredients. Beautiful design. All at a fair price.”

When I read that, it instantly resonated with me. You see, we try to eat organic as much as we can. We love to be as sustainable as we can. And naturally, we like to get good value.

While I often like to be able to see (and feel) the products that I buy, I also don’t mind shopping from my computer and having things sent to my home.

I am assuming that you, my dear readers, have similar values and interests. Therefore, I decided to give this company a try.

Shipping times and the box

As soon as I had placed the order, I received an email with the order confirmation. What I liked about that was that it not only listed the items I ordered, it even had a picture of each one of them. At the bottom of the email, there was an invitation to contact them if I had any questions and an easy-to-see contact button.

Two days later, I received a shipping confirmation with the tracking number. And four days later, the package arrived at my house.

Everything was packaged in a simple cardboard box.

How everything was packaged and wrapped

When I opened the box, the first thing I saw was a bunch of wrapping paper. It made me happy to see they weren’t using plastic bubble wrap or such. Paper is so much easier to recycle or reuse.

Only one item came in a plastic bag: the glass jar of peanut butter. I can only imagine they would do that in case the jar breaks. You wouldn’t want peanut butter spread all over your personal care items, right?

Everything has a very minimalistic design and packaging. I like that. After all, I want to pay for a good product, not for expensive packaging or advertising.

organic, natural, sustainable everyday products

The items I had ordered:

Organic creamy peanut butter

What can I say? This is a pantry staple. This particular one is organic and from Spain. It contains roasted peanuts and sea salt. Perfect. I personally love the crunchy peanut butter since I sometimes just eat it straight from the jar. But one of my sons likes to make smoothies and then it doesn’t matter. Plus, Public Goods only has the creamy version. The 12 oz jar sells for $4.75

organic peanut butter

Organic kidney beans

Another pantry staple. Organic kidney beans. Those are always good to have around. Made in Wisconsin, USA, they contain kidney beans, water, and sea salt. The 15.5 oz can sells for $1.25 at the time of writing this post.

organic kidney beans

Organic black English breakfast tea

I love a cup or two of black English breakfast tea in the morning. So I was curious to try theirs out. Usually, I prefer buying my teas in bulk. While this tea is organic, the tea bags come wrapped individually in plastic. That is one of the reasons, I don’t normally buy tea bags. It doesn’t say where it’s from (it’s probably a blend). Also, knowing that some tea bags are bleached and/or contain weird chemicals, I would have liked to see something about their tea bags. You get 20 tea bags in this box for $3.50.

organic black tea

Tree-free napkins

Normally, we use linen or cotton napkins but these tree-free napkins were on the list of items I could choose from. Instead of using hardwood trees, these napkins are made from bamboo and sugar cane. While that sounds good to me, I don’t know anything about these alternative raw materials. Every so often, it’s nice to use some disposable napkins, though, so I thought I would give these a try. They are made in China and you get 50 for $3.00.

tree-free napkins

Bamboo toothbrush

As dentists recommend, we like to replace our toothbrushes every 3 months. So there is always a need for toothbrushes. I like the bamboo ones even though most of them contain plastic bristles (that you would have to recycle separately). I do like their more ergonomic handle. From China, you get a 2-pack for $4.00 – with 2 different colors.

Public Goods bamboo toothbrush

Lip balm

I actually prefer making most of my own personal care items since it is so simple. However, I always need some lip balm. I keep one in the bathroom, the kitchen, in my purse, and in my car … So if someone offers me free lip balm, I’ll take it. Yep, I can be that cheap. I like that this is another American product (Iowa) and contains three simple ingredients: organic coconut oil, shea butter, and candelilla wax. The 0.15 oz lip balm costs $2.00

Public Goods lip balm

Shampoo bar

Did you know that I like to turn shampoo bars into liquid shampoo? Well, I might do that with this one or not. The advantage of shampoo bars is that it doesn’t come in a plastic bottle. This shampoo bar is from Vermont, USA, and contains very clean basic ingredients. The 3.25 oz bar costs $5.50.

Public Goods shampoo bar

Walnut scouring pad

I keep things very simple when it comes to my cleaning products as I believe that we don’t need fancy single-use items to keep our homes clean. I had tried a walnut-based sponge from another company but wasn’t impressed. So I’ll give this scouring pad a try. How can you go wrong with a scrubber that contains pretty much all natural materials? You get 4 of them for $2.75.

Public Goods walnut scouring pad

So what I think so far:

Honestly, I am pretty excited to give these products a try. I like the concept and approach of the Public Goods company. Once I have tested them, I will give you an update on how I liked them. I might even order some of their other items since they have everything from pantry staples to cleaning products, personal care items, pet food, vitamins and supplements, CBD products, and even dinnerware! So stay tuned for my update!

Special offer:

I am also really excited to extend a special offer to you! If you would like to try their products, make sure to use the code OURGABLEDHOMEPGA to receive a 15% discount and a FREE trial membership on your first order. You can also use this link.

Have you tried any products from Public Goods? Do you have any questions for me?

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  1. I’m excited about this company! They look great. I was expecting them to only ship within the US, but they ship to Canada as well! That is so rare, I just may try them out. Thanks!

  2. I agree that the effort should go into the quality of the product, not the packaging. I love that this company prioritizes sustainability. Definitely interested, especially for items we can’t find locally. Thanks!

  3. These products look great! I’m always looking for eco-friendly products and organic food. Thank you for sharing!

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