DIY Christmas Wreath For Less Than $10

In this tutorial, I am showing you how you can easily make a DIY Christmas wreath with minimal supplies that will cost you less than $10.

Do you love to DIY?

Do you love the idea of a project that costs you less than $10?

Are you looking to add holiday decor to your home?

Are you looking for a Christmas wreath tutorial?

Well, look no further because this checks all these boxes!

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Supplies for your Christmas Wreaths


This is your most important supply for your DIY Christmas wreath. We have old redwood trees growing on our property that needed trimming. I simply cut a basket full of branches off that.

cutting redwood branches

Alternatively, you can use fir, pine, or juniper.

If you don’t have any of those growing on your property, you could go find some in the woods. If you do, please harvest those branches sustainably. That means, don’t cut too much and don’t cut too much in one area. Also, try to cut away from places where people hang out or go for walks.

Another idea is to go to your Christmas tree lot. They often cut the lower part of a tree and might have branches you could snag for free.

Cost: FREE

redwood greenery

The core of the wreath

You will need something to attach the greenery to. That is the core. While you could buy one, you can absolutely make your own.

You could use shipping envelopes, paper bags, or cardboard.

Cost: FREE

supplies for wreath making


You will need wire. Maybe you happen to have some that you use in the garden. That is what happened to me.

If you don’t have it, you can buy it in your local garden store or find it online here.

Cost: $7.20

Burlap ribbon

Technically, you do not need burlap ribbon to make your Christmas wreath. But since it is very inexpensive, it sure adds a nice rustic farmhouse touch.

You might have some burlap at home and could just cut off a long strip.

If you don’t, you can find it in craft stores or online. I happened to find my burlap ribbon in a dollar store, so it literally cost me $1.

Cost: $1.97

putting candles on Christmas wreath

How to make the core of the wreath

Simply find your cardboard or paper bags or shipping envelopes and roll them into a sausage.

how to make an Advent wreath

Since I like to make my Christmas wreath for lighting candles, I always have it on a dedicated plate that I have used for years. I use that as a template for how big I want my Advent wreath to be.

From there, gauge how much more cardboard you might need and bend them into shape. They will not stay that way for now but that’s ok.

Now, find the wire and attach the bent cardboard or paper pieces to create a circle. Don’t worry if they slip or don’t want to stay together. This ring will become more stable later. Just do the best you can.

core for Christmas wreath

Attaching the greenery

With your basket of pine, fir, or redwood branches by your side, you will now attach them to the core.

Place a small branch right onto the core and wrap the wire around both. Keep attaching more as you go around, covering the core with the greenery. Don’t worry too much about what it looks like yet. You can clean it up later.

wreath making

I like to go around one more time to fill in those spaces where you might be able to see the core and to give the wreath a bit more body.

DIY Christmas wreath

Final touches

Now, that I have most of the greenery in place, I like to cut smaller twigs and stick them in the wreath. This will do two things: it will help hide the wire and fill out the wreath.

finishing wreath

Adding decor to the wreath

This is where you can get very creative! I like to place pine cones on it and use the wire to securely attach them. And the burlap ribbon adds a bit of rustic farmhouse touch to it. Again, use the wire to attach the ribbon to the wreath.

Now, you can hang your DIY Christmas wreath on your front door or anywhere in your home where you want some holiday decor.

adding a burlap ribbon

Optional: adding candles

In our home, we like to light a candle for the 4 Sundays in advent. Therefore, I place the wreath on a plate. I also put 4 candle holders in the wreath that hold my block candles.

While these advent wreath candle holders are very popular in Germany, they can be a bit harder to find here in this country. Here is an online store where you can order them.

As for candles, you can use any you might have around. I personally like these block candles that I get at Ikea.

You might be happy with your Christmas wreath at this point or personalize it with more holiday decor. But best of all, you were able to make it for next to nothing!

You might also like to check out my post on handmade Christmas gifts you quickly make!

adding candle holders

I would love to hear all your questions and comments below!

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How to make a DIY Christmas Wreath for less than $10


  1. Wow! I really love that you reuse things to make something so beautiful. I’m totally doing this. Thanks for sharing!

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  3. I love how you used a paper bag rolled up for the inside, that’s a brilliant idea! This is a beautiful centerpiece idea, just love it!

  4. Love bringing nature indoors. Love the simplicity…and it would be so fragrant. Im thinking this would be a good diy and outdoor lesson for homeschool.

  5. You always have such great ideas and tutorials! I love that you can make this from things you already have on hand. It turned out beautifully!

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