DIY Notepad from Recycled Paper

Let me show you how you can create your own DIY notepad from recycled paper.  This is a simple and free-of-charge way to give another use to paper.

I don’t know about you but I have a list for everything:

  • grocery shopping
  • to-do list for the day
  • to-do list before leaving town
  • packing list for traveling


Sometimes, I even re-write the to-list in a certain order to make my day more efficient 😂.  As you can see, I am a “list-person”.

I have often bought pretty note pads. With flowers on them. Or it says: “to-do list”.  Or it has some other cute theme.  When I am done with my list, it goes into the paper recycling.  Then I thought that there might be a better way.


For a while, I was using the back of envelopes that came in the mail.  Some have a white back.  I would write my lists on those.  That felt good, giving those envelopes another purpose before they went into the paper recycling.

More recently, I have created my DIY notepad from recycled paper.  I looked at the letters that came in the mail. Unfortunately, many of them are unsolicited.  And they often contain blank pages.  Or blank backs.  Sometimes, I need to print something, sign it, scan it and email it back.  Those papers have a blank back side.  Now, I turn them into a notepad.

It so simple: any blank page or page with a blank back, I fold twice.  Once lengthwise, once horizontal.  Then I use scissors or a sharp knife to cut along the folded lines.  That way, I end up with evenly sized pieces of papers.  I clip them all together – and voilà, I have my DIY notepad from recycled paper.  Using a nice fountain pen makes my list-writing feel more special.


DIY Notepad cutting instructions

I love that I can give something another use before I send it into the recycling bin.

Do you recycle paper?  Do you do anything with paper before you recycle it?  Let me know in the comments below and happy list-writing!

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