How to Make Coffee More “Healthy”

Learn how you can “upgrade” your morning cup of coffee with medicinal mushroom powder for added health benefits and deeper taste.

Recently, a friend spent a few nights at our house.  When I was getting ready and making my coffee in the morning, we were chatting in the kitchen.

After watching me brew and blend, he asked me: “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?”  I told him about my upgraded coffee and he was so intrigued that he wanted me to send him the recipe.

There were years when I didn’t drink any coffee at all. Just didn’t need it and just didn’t want it.

Well, that has changed recently and I am going with it.

I don’t really need coffee in the morning but I love my upgraded coffee.

There is something about grinding your beans, smelling the fresh ground coffee, brewing it, and taking that first sip.

I brew coffee the old-fashioned way: with a filter in a cone. Yep.  Just pour water over it.  It makes great-tasting coffee!

upgrade coffee cone filter brew

On Sunday mornings, my husband brings me coffee in bed!

Since I always like to think about how I can make what I eat and drink healthier, I buy only organic, fair-trade coffee.

Right now, I really like to have coffee in the morning.  Most mornings, I like to have more than one cup but I don’t really want or need the extra caffeine.

Enter medicinal mushroom extract powder.

I first became interested in it through a friend who produces and sells all sorts of tonic herbs.

I highly recommend his product “Mushroom Immunity” since I know that his small company is based on honesty and integrity.  This mushroom extract has a bit of an espresso flavor.

Adding it to my coffee gives it a deeper flavor.  I know that there are other medicinal mushroom extracts on the market but I haven’t tried them.

upgraded coffee medicinal mushroom

upgraded coffee mushroom powder

Now I get to have two cups of upgraded coffee with the caffeine of only one.  And I get to do something for my health.

Here are some of the health benefits of medicinal mushrooms:

    • Mental health
    • Energy
    • Anti-tumor
    • Detoxifies
    • Boosts digestion, improves the appetite
    • Purifies the blood
    • Regulates blood sugar
  • Strengthens the heart
  • Anti-inflammatory

And the list goes on.

This upgraded coffee is very simple to make:

While I am brewing a cup of coffee, I add about a teaspoon of medicinal mushroom powder to about a cup of scalding hot water in my blender and blend it on high for a few seconds.

Then I add it to my brewed coffee – which gives me about 2 cups.  I enjoy it with organic milk or almond milk.

Sometimes, I like to blend it with some coconut oil or MCT oil. This makes it more of a “bullet-proof style” coffee.  Sometimes, I add both milk and fat.  And often, I add a grain-based coffee substitute such as Pero or Dandy Blend for even more depth of flavor.

upgraded coffee grain coffee substitute

I almost always add collagen powder to it and I like to rotate between this brand and this.  However, the options here are endless and you can customize them just to your liking.

Have you tried any version of the upgraded coffee?  Let me know in the comments below how you like to upgrade your coffee!

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  4. I’ve been wanting to try the mushroom coffee. I haven’t been brave enough yet. I’ve never seen the Dandy Blend!

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