How We Like Our Ilve Farmhouse Stove | Full Review

We are so excited about our new Ilve farmhouse stove! In this post, I am sharing what we like about this stove – and what we don’t.

If you’ve been following me for a while, you might have seen our farmhouse kitchen reveal and one-year review. And some of you had noticed that we had a new farmhouse stove.

I am pretty excited about our new stove however I wanted to test it and use it under everyday conditions before I do my full review. So here it is!

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Why did we get a new stove?

There are many reasons why people buy new stoves. Honestly, our old Bosch gas range was still working really well.

But as we were in the midst of our full kitchen renovation, my husband and I talked about getting a stove that would fit better with the farmhouse theme and look a bit more pleasing.

At the time, we considered either getting a vintage stove such as an O’Keefe & Merritt or Wedgwood or one of those beautiful French farmhouse stoves. Although we liked their features, we didn’t like the look of the more industrial stoves such as Wolf or Subzero and so on.

The issue was that the vintage stoves usually come in 33″ or 36″ widths which was more than we had space for. Our old stove was 30″ and that is what we had planned for. Had we installed one of those vintage stoves, we would have had to cut into the counter and cabinet space. But space comes at a premium in this kitchen so we didn’t want to do that.

The French farmhouse stove on the other hand posed the same issue: most of them don’t come in 30″. Also, they are very expensive. Therefore, we had decided to keep our old Bosch gas range for the time being.

farmhouse kitchen

How we found this Ilve Nostalgie stove

Every so often, I would look for stoves. I would present them to my husband who knows a lot about stoves (and repairing them) but most of my suggestions would earn a thumbs-down.

One day, I think I simply googled “farmhouse stove” and that I when I found the Ilve 30″ Nostalgie stove. Don’t worry if you have never heard of the Ilve brand – I hadn’t either.

Ilve is an Italian brand and apparently, it has been around since 1952.

We definitely liked the look: a bit more feminine, beautiful colors, old-fashioned handrails, and pretty knobs. Then I spent more time researching if people had issues with them. I even contacted some Ilve stove owners on Instagram to see how they liked theirs. They all did and nobody reported any problems.

This is the moment for full disclosure: we did buy the stove and we have received a nice discount from the distributor. However, we would have still bought the stove without the discount. Also, I wasn’t asked to do or say anything and all the opinions in this post are all my own!

Ilve farmhouse stove

Meet our white Ilve Nostalgie 30″ gas range

When this stove was delivered, we thought it was just as beautiful as in the pictures. The brilliant white fits much more seamlessly into our farmhouse-style kitchen. The chrome fittings go perfectly with all the existing chrome and stainless steel hardware.

The gas cooktop has five burners ranging from 7000 to 15500 BTU. We find that the brushed stainless steel is pretty easy to keep clean but I wouldn’t recommend any aggressive or abrasive cleaners!

The heavy-duty cast-iron grates are very similar to the ones on our old stove. Even though I don’t clean them on a daily basis, they do clean up easily with all-natural products.

The oven comes with two removable racks and a rotisserie attachment. We have used conventional and convection heating, the defrost, and the grill function. All of them work really well!

oven knob

At the bottom is a warming drawer that I am using for storage.

Best of all, this stove comes with a price tag of about half of what you would pay for a typical French farmhouse stove. That in itself was a big selling point for us.

Ilve range

The most important features – for us

I really wanted the stove to have a simmer function and an oven that goes down to 100˚F. This Ilve Nostalgie gas range seemed to fit the bill.

Now, for the simmer function, we ordered a simmer plate and I am so glad we did. The center one is a dual burner, meaning you can ignite only the smaller burner. I am not sure how many BTUs it has but for true simmering, I place the cast iron simmer plate on it. This is perfect for cooking dishes for a long time or making bone broth.

gas cooktop

As for the oven going all the way down to 100˚F, it seems that it is the dual-fuel model that does that (with the electric oven). Our gas oven starts at 150˚F. So when making yogurt, I simply turn it to 150˚F, turn it off for a while, turn it back on, and so forth. It’s not ideal but I have successfully made delicious yogurt with this workaround.

oven knob

We even had some bad spills and broken glass in our oven. Looking at it you wouldn’t even know because it cleans up so easily that it almost looks like new.

How to customize your Ilve stove

We were limited to a 30″ stove but the Ilve Nostalgie series comes in many different sizes from 24″ up to 60″. We also knew we wanted a white stove, even though it comes in 8 other stock colors. You can even get it in a custom color!

stove colors

For us, the chrome fittings (knobs and railings) were perfect but we could have chosen brass or bronze as well.

stove fittings

The Nostalgie series offers gas stoves (both for natural gas or propane) and a dual fuel option.

To make this stove look more vintage, you can order claw feet or a matching toe kick for a more finished look.

Potential issues with your Ilve range

There are two things I want to mention to anyone considering buying this Ilve stove.

The first one is that you will need to keep the ignitor going for 8 seconds. The manual recommends 10 seconds but I have consistently been getting away with 8 seconds. In the beginning, it definitely took a bit of getting used to it but now we don’t even notice it anymore. I guess it is a safety feature and that makes sense to me.

The other thing is that the oven is not quite as wide as you might expect. Since our old oven was also 30″ wide, I can attest that the Ilve oven is smaller on the inside than other American models. Most if not all European ovens tend to be a bit smaller. This 30″ Ilve gas oven has 2.7 cubic feet. I haven’t roasted any turkeys in it yet but I doubt that I can put much else in the oven at the same time.

Both of these aren’t any issues for us but I could imagine they might be for some people.

Final verdict: can we recommend this Ilve stove?

You have probably been waiting for this: we love our new Ilve stove!! Would we buy it again (knowing everything we know now)?

Yes, we absolutely would!

Every day, we look at it and admire its beautiful elegance and how well it blends into our kitchen. We are having a lot of fun cooking and baking with it.

If you would like to purchase it or learn more about Ilve stoves, click here:

Ilve stove review

Update November 2021:

I receive this question often whether you can roast a turkey in this oven. Remember that we have the 30″ Nostalgie gas oven, different sizes and different fuel ovens may have other dimensions.

However, I did roast a 15-pound turkey in a lidded turkey roaster that is about 9″ high (with handle) and it just about fit. I will say that the turkey cooked a bit faster than I expected. Therefore, I should really check the temperatures and possibly make some adjustments. Other than that, it has been holding up well and we still love it every day!

How to clean the Ilve gas stove:

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Let me know all your questions and comments below!

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  1. Hi! I just had this range installed and I have followed the instructions for the first system startup process multiple times (i.e. washed the parts and let the oven run empty on 440 for over an hour) & the unpleasant smells the instruction manual ensures will go away have not. This is the third time I have run the oven for over an hour. Did you experience this? Any tips? Thanks!

    1. I am so sorry to hear this! I recommend you reach out to Ilve directly. There also is a FB group where you can ask your question (Ilve-Hallman-Italian-Range-Group). Hope this helps ~ Anja

  2. Hi, I hope you’re still responding! I would love an ILVE based on the specs and style, but I can’t see one in person. They sell them in Portugal, but there is no place to see one. I would get a 90cm, but it sounds like you got a 60cm which is most common here in Europe. The time to light the burners is an EU safety condition. My questions are: the racks–do they glide easily even with a heavy pan on them? or do they resist pulling?
    and the door–does it close slowly/quietly, or does it slam? Does it stay quite cool to touch?
    Thank you!

    1. The racks glide easily without anything on them but not so much with any weight. The door closes normally and the outside is absolutely cool to the touch. Hope this helps ~ Anja

  3. It took 9 months for my oven to be repaired. There isn’t a repairman west of the Mississippi for Ilve. I called every repairman within a 3 hour drive and not one would service an Ilve. Ilve customer service is rude and unhelpful. My stove is beautiful. I hate it.

    1. I am so sorry to hear about your experience! Have you considered joining the Facebook group “Ilve-Hallman-Italian Range Group”? You might get some support or better help there ~ Anja

  4. I warn you to seriously consider my account before purchasing any Ilve product. It took 9 months to reach a resolution with Ilve. Terrible customer support for a brand new range, and trust me it’s not just one customer service rep that caused this, it was everyone I worked with.

    Here is what happened:
    – Ilve Nostalgie 36inch range arrived in sub-optimal condition. Gas burners would rarely ignite or hold flame, only 1-2 burners would work at the same time with low BTU.
    – Began troubleshooting by calling Ilve Customer Support number, the Customer Support is contracted out to Superior Marketing who is their distributor in the US.
    – Customer Support began trying to locate a service technician in my area (top 10 metro in USA). For weeks, I would call in once per week to check the status of my case, Ilve rarely reached out to me with updates.
    – Customer Support could not locate a service provider in my area and asked me to find one myself. When reached, many service providers in my area said they would not service Ilve.
    – At this point, the customer care team began to hang up on me when I would call in to ask for help with locating a service technician.
    – At this point, I had to call into the Sales team and begin working with them for support.
    – A service technician was finally scheduled and assessed my issue 3 ½ months after contacting Customer Support.
    – It took 8 weeks to deliver the parts the technician needed.
    – Technician re-assessed the range with new parts and concluded the range was not manufactured correctly and should be returned as it was irreparable.
    – From this point, it took 5 weeks of constant requests to begin the refund process.
    – After this, it took an additional 9 weeks for the refund to be processed and to get my money back.
    A product issue was seriously compounded by a failing customer care team. This market segment of home appliances is often called “attainable luxury” – you get the high end look while sacrificing the backend support.

    Please understand that your appliance may be optimal and working as it should when you purchase it. But buyer beware if you need customer support – that is when the buyers regret kicks in.

    1. I am so sorry for your experience which sounds horrendous! All I can say is that we have not had any problems whatsoever but thank you for sharing yours ~ Anja

  5. Hi. We just purchased the ilve 36” nostalgie model. Fuel fuel. Love the look and still getting used to how to use it. Wondering if anyone has had these issues:
    Fan blows hard and makes a high pitched sound. Sometimes but not always using the conventional oven mode or quick start function, and sometimes once oven is shut off.
    The flame setting isn’t as low as my previous gas stove. Is the summer plate the only way to achieve low heat?

  6. Hi, I am searching for a liquid propane gas stove. This stove is absolutely gorgeous, my concern is, customer service and repairing in the US if something does not work. Have you had to call for customer service or a working issue? It is scary buying something that is not from here. About how long does it take for delivery?
    Thank you, I need to make a decision.

    1. Hi Jacquline, I am not sure about current delivery times but they will also heavily depend on your model, size, color, etc. We have not had any problems with our stove whatsoever but I am certain that any qualified repair service can do repairs on Ilve stoves (my handy husband says they are well-built). Hope this helps ~ Anja

  7. Hello, I’m looking at purchasing this oven. I bake a ton and was wondering how the gas range bakes cookies and cakes for you. I’m trying to decide between all gas or duel fuel. Pro and cons to baking with either so I have been indecisive. I currently have an all gas and like how it keeps food moist but the temperature fluctuates. With the convection gas that would help solve hot spots in gas.
    Thank you

    1. Hi Amanda, my last oven was a gas oven, too, so I am not sure about the difference from an electric oven. However, on the regular setting, it seems to brown a bit more towards the door but with the convection, it’s pretty consistent. The oven does have a fan that comes on when the control unit gets too hot and automatically shuts off when it’s cooled down again. Hope this helps ~ Anja

  8. I just found your website and have enjoyed watching two of your videos. Please tell me what your counters are made of. If Carrera marble (which they appear to be), how are you caring for them, and do you recommend them? Thanks so much!

  9. Thanks for the thorough review- doing my own research on this range, so it’s been very helpful.
    Do you find that upper bar (just above the knobs) to be impeding at all? I can’t tell from the video if it would create any issues when pulling something off the stove to go into the oven or vice versa, or get in the way of cooking maneuvers while using the stove top. Is it functional in any way for you? Do you know if it’s an option that can be left off?

    1. Hi Aileen, We actually love the upper bar for its aesthetics and practicality (we often dry towels there, especially when the oven is on) and I have not found it impeding at all. That could also be personal preference. It looks like it would come off but I would confirm that with Superior Marketing just to be sure. I am glad you liked my review ~ Anja

  10. What refrigerator did you pair with your stove. I’m looking and nothing seems to match well (handles mainly).

    1. We have a LG refrigerator and the handles don’t match at all but it sits at a different wall than the stoves. Also the fridge is stainless steel and the stove is white. Have you looked into having a custom front for your refrigerator? Hope this helps ~ Anja

  11. I’m looking into purchasing this exact stove, but my biggest concern is the oven size. What size cookie sheet does it fit? Also have you ever noticed that the outside knobs have been hot to the touch? I read this on some other reviews.

    1. Hi there, you can use baker’s half sheets in this 30″ stove ( We have not felt the knobs getting hot when we’re using the oven. It is a beautiful stove and we love having and using it. Hope this helps ~ Anja

      1. I am so glad I found your review! I have been searching for a dual fuel in my small kitchen and am also besotted with the look of the Ilve and the functions it seems to have. I have a similar concern about the size. Will the oven fit 2 of the baker’s half sheets you recommended side by side or one sheet on the top rack and one sheet on the bottom rack? Also- I have read that the voltage required for the oven is different from standard sizes. Did you use a converter or did the installation require a plumber to install a different plug? Thank you!

        1. Our stove is a gas stove and didn’t need anything special. My husband installed it without any problems. As far as I can tell, the dual fuel needs a 220 V outlet, though but all of their stoves have regular American plugs. I am using baker’s half sheets and depending on what I put on them, I can fit 2 of them in the oven (one on top of the other). We still love our stove and would buy it again. Hope all this helps ~ Anja

          1. Thank you! It looks gorgeous in your kitchen. You’ve convinced me- I’m moving ahead with the Nostalgie.

  12. Your stove is gorgeous! I love looking at farmhouse-style stoves for when we eventually get out of a rental in town and move to an acreage, but they always seem less user-friendly than more modern stoves. This looks like the perfect combination of practical and pretty!

    1. Yes, we love our stove! It’s both beautiful but also very functional. I’d be happy to answer any questions. Thank you so much for your nice comment 💛 ~ Anja

  13. This is beautiful… I hope to be doing a kitchen remodel soon and I’m definitely looking into this. Thank you for the review.

  14. Such a great review of this stove. I looks so beautiful and functional. Whenever we need a new stove I’ll check this company out.

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