How to Sew a Cross-Back Apron & Downloadable Pattern

I am answering the most asked questions about my popular cross-back linen apron and giving you a link for a downloadable pattern.

So many of you have asked for it so here it is: My full downloadable and printable apron pattern!

I am so humbled that people are loving my cross-over linen apron so much! Every time, someone sends me a picture of their apron they have sewn, I get teary-eyed.

It’s so amazing to see how many of you have sewn beautiful aprons!

With a free pattern, it is both my most popular blog post and Youtube video.

Thank you everyone for the love!

Over time, I have been getting many questions and thought I would dedicate a whole blog post to answer them.

Also, I have created a real pattern that you can access HERE, print, and use for your apron.

If you’d rather purchase one, I recommend this pinafore apron.

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How to sew the neckline of the apron

When I created my apron, I simply copied the neckline of my favorite shirt. Since this apron pattern is very flexible, you can do that, too. You could have a neckline that comes higher up or drops deeper down. It really depends on your personal preference.

neck scoop of apron

How to make the arm scoop of the apron

I have been getting a lot of questions about the arm scoop. Mine drops down pretty far and I am not sure you can still call it an arm scoop technically. Again, this pattern is very flexible. Feel free to create the kind of arm scoop that you like.

How wide is this cross-over apron pattern

When I created the original pattern it was really more of a concept drawing. However, it was mostly to scale. In other words, you can see that it is pretty much a square apron once it’s cut out before you sew it. Since it is about 36″ long it is about 36″ wide.

How to make the cross-over back

Sometimes things seem really simple and straightforward to me even when they might not be.

As for the cross-over back, I suggest you watch the video where I explain this a bit more. The straps cross over in the back. If you’re not certain, you could pin the straps or very loosely sew them together by hand with a few stitches and try on your apron. If the straps are crossed over in the back, you can go ahead and sew them in place.

cross-over apron

What to attach the pockets?

I love having pockets both for sticking my hands in there but also for temporary storage. The pockets are included in my patterns and feel very easy to reach into. Of course, you can always make simple square pockets – or not use pockets at all.

front view

The best fabric for the apron

Since 100% linen can be very pricey, I prefer using a linen blend. Ikea has a nice linen blend table cloth for a good price. That is what I use. It comes in 3 sizes. I usually get the largest one which is around $25. You can make 3 aprons with that or other sewing projects.

Ikea linen blend table cloth

You could really use any fabric you like, though. I like my apron to be tough enough for everyday use, hence my preference for the linen blend. If you’d like to use a thinner fabric you could double it up or make a liner for your apron.

linen apron

Make a test apron

My cross-over apron is mostly a one-size-fits-all. However, if you’re much smaller or larger in size, or if you’re not sure about the pattern, I like to suggest that you make a test apron from some leftover fabric or cheap muslin. It doesn’t have to be all finished and hemmed to give you an idea of the fit. From there you can also tweak the pattern to your liking.

How much fabric do you need for this apron?

With a seam allowance of ½ inch, you’ll need a piece of fabric 40 inches by 40 inches.

I hope that I was able to answer your questions. Again, here’s the link for the downloadable pattern. I do encourage you to read my original blog post and watch the original video, too.

Please let me know all your questions and comments! Most of all, I would love to get some feedback and see pictures of your aprons! You can tag me on Facebook and Instagram or send them to [email protected]

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Cross-over Apron FAQs & Downloadable Pattern


  1. I purchased the pattern, added ½” seam allowance, added the page # on each pattern piece. Now I cannot put the pieces together. Could you do a layout so we can see how to tape each piece?


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  5. I purchased the pattern and did not get all of it so I went to download again and was unable to.I had reached my limit??? I was not impressed by the pattern and if I had known it was so unprofessional I would never have purchased this.I am one unhappy customer.

    1. Hello Helen, even though I am not a store, I pride myself on people being happy when they buy the pattern. I will send you an email to see how we can make things right. Best, Anja

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  7. I just ordered the apron pattern for $4.99. I received four pages of the same first-page drawing of the
    apron. I thought I should receive more instructions. I would not have ordered if I knew all I was
    purchasing was a one-page hand drawing. Thank you

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  9. Even after reading the troubles people had with downloading the pattern after paying for it, I went ahead and did it anyway. I too am having trouble downloading. I downloaded a two page Document and now I can’t find how to get back to anything that allows me to download something. It said I had 3 attempts it. I don’t know where to go to download again. It never asked me for any account signups so I don’t have an account with you. I tried to log in to an account and click on forgot password but it said my email was invalid. Help please.

  10. I have been trying to purchase your downloadable pattern but the shopping cart function is not working. The paypal link is greyed out and i cannot complete the purchase.

    1. I am so sorry about that! While this is an external error, I am aware of it and trying to get it fixed. You can paypal the money directly to [email protected]. I will then send you the pattern.

  11. Hi, I purchased the downloadable pattern, but it only has three pages. I used Adobe Acrobat, which is the way I download patterns from other sites, but haven’t been able to get this pattern to work. Will you please tell me how I access the pattern? Thanks in advance!

      1. Thank you! Received quickly. It was easy to download and cut out, and sewed up very nicely.

  12. I downloaded the 4.99 apron pattern, however, when I went to try and look at it again after leaving the page because I couldn’t see all eight pages as explained, I tried to go back and view again and it said I had reached my limit. please help me to get this back as I didn’t get to print anything and now I have no pattern after I have just paid for it and was all ready to print and start my new apron.

    1. No worries, I’ll send you the pattern! Have fun sewing – I’d love to see your apron when it’s finished 🙂

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