DIY Washcloth Bunny

These cute DIY washcloth bunnies are the perfect quick, last-minute, kid-friendly project for Easter or any other occasion.

When I was a kid, I was sometimes given a washcloth bunny for Easter.
Actually, it was made out of a ‘wash mitten’ that is popular in Europe. Just imagine a washcloth but sewn so you could stick your whole hand inside it. You would then wet it, add your soap, and wash yourself with it.

With this you can easily make an Easter bunny. This is the perfect last-minute project for Easter. Or when you’re stuck at home with your kids and you’re looking for a quick and easy project.

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What You Need

For this DIY washcloth bunny, you will need some TERRYCLOTH. You could either buy it by the yard or cut one from an old towel. Sometimes, washcloths might be large enough to make one from that. I am using an old yellow towel.

Note: Many towels have some sort of decorative border or stripe. I chose to make that a part of my DIY washcloth bunny. Of course, if you’d rather not use it, cut your rectangle from another area of your old towel.

Then, you will need some YARN, ideally in the color of your terrycloth. You can, of course, use any string or thread you like. I am using this yellow yarn that goes well with my terrycloth.

Also, you’ll need some COTTON. You might have some in your bathroom, you could buy it in a bag, or often find it in your supplement bottles.

Helpful would be a measuring tape and if you’re sewing the washmitten, some sewing pins, and scissors.

terry cloth, measuring tape, pins, batting, scissor, and yarn

How to Make the Washmitten

From your terrycloth, cut a rectangle 8,5 inches by 11 inches. That does include the seam allowance.

This is essentially the same process that I use for my simple reusable cloth bags.

Pin the hemline on the long side and sew it in place.

Next, fold the rectangle in half so that your hemmed side is at the bottom. This is where your opening is. Pin the short and the long side and sew them together.

You should now have your ‘washmitten’ into which you can stick your whole hand.

yellow wash mitten

How to Make the Bunny

Making the ears:

Cut a piece of yarn or string that is about 10 inches long. Place it diagonally across one of the top corners of your washmitten. Tie that corner together and make a knot on the backside of your bunny.

making DIY washcloth bunny
shaping the ear of the washcloth bunny

Repeat the same with the second corner.

Now, you have your ears. You can tuck at the ears to make them as symmetrical as you can.

DIY washcloth bunny

Making the head:

Take a small handful of cotton and stuff it inside the washmitten close to the ears. This will be the head.

Take about another 10 inches of yarn and tie it in place just about where the neck would be.

shaping the head of the wash cloth bunny

I am done at this point. You might like to stuff a bit more cotton into the body of the bunny to keep it upright and from falling over.

You may have also noticed that I did not put any eyes or mouth on my bunnies. For one, I like it better that way and also, I can then later use the washmitten without that looking funny.

Feel free to add eyes and a mouth. You could use a marker or with some yarn stitch them on. Another idea would be to cut those out of felt and glue them on.

DIY washcloth bunny

What to do with your DIY Washcloth Bunny

There are so many ideas here! You can make a few of these DIY washcloth bunnies and use them for your minimalist Easter table decoration.

You could put them in an Easter basket as a gift for children.

Maybe you’d like to gift it to new parents for their baby – so that they can use the washcloth for bathing.

What I love about these bunnies is that they are almost zero-waste. Especially, if you make them from an old towel. You can always disassemble them and use the wash mitten for your face-washing routine and the cotton balls for removing eye make-up or nail polish.

DIY washcloth bunnies

Let me know all your comments and questions below!

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  1. These are very cute and such a creative idea! I’ll have to keep this in mind for when my little one is older 🙂

  2. These little bunnies are so cute!! Thank you for the pattern. My girls are going to want to make them, for sure.

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