How to Make Liquid Shampoo From Shampoo Bar

Have you heard about shampoo bars?  I hadn’t until very recently and it seems to be all the rage.  What I like about shampoo bars the most is that it doesn’t come in a plastic bottle.  Those probably end up in the landfill, even though I always put them in the recycling bin.  People who have been using shampoo bars rave about how it leaves your hair shiny and silky due to the lack of additives of liquid shampoos.  Apparently, one doesn’t even need conditioner any more – just think how economical that is!

I am giving this a try!  I bought a 3.5 oz bar of J.R. Ligget’s shampoo that I bought for $5.59 at my local food co-op and a bottle of distilled water. You can also find it here.



I grated the shampoo bar, put it into a pot and barely covered it with distilled water . you don’t want anything in there that will spoil your shampoo since you’re not using any additives or preservatives.  I melted the shampoo bar shavings in water over a low heat, occasionally stirring everything.






When the shampoo bar shavings were completely melted, I let everything cool down a bit.   Then I used a small funnel to fill it into an empty bottle with a squirt top.  From how I made it, I got about 12 oz of liquid shampoo.



I will use this shampoo until it’s gone.  Some people say that there is an adjustment period during which your hair won’t feel all that great.  I am willing to stick things out so stay tuned for my honest review that will include any feedback from my HHH (handsome, handy husband)!

Let me know in the comments below what you think!

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  1. What are your thoughts on how it worked? We have that same shampoo bar but haven’t been the happiest with it in block form. so I thought maybe it’d be different if it was in liquid form.

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    1. You may have to play with the amounts of water a bit but ultimately you want the consistency of regular shampoo. I hope this helps 😊 ~ Anja

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