In this section, you will find all my best sourdough tips and recipes

Sourdough Lemon Cake

Sourdough Lemon Cake

This easy sourdough lemon cake is perfect for the summer. The addition of sourdough gives it a deeper taste and moist texture. Bright lemon cakes are perfect for those hot summer days. This recipe gets an extra flavor boost from the addition of sourdough which also makes it nicely moist. As with all my recipes, …

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Sourdough Life Changing Bread

Sourdough Life-changing bread

I am taking the fabulous, healthy life changing bread recipe to the next level by making a sourdough version and a whey fermented version. Most of the time, we enjoy baking and eating my European-style sourdough whole grain bread. Every so often, I like to mix things up, though! Some years ago, a friend brought …

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Pumpkin Sourdough Bread Pudding

Pumpkin Sourdough Bread Pudding

This delicious pumpkin sourdough bread pudding is the perfect way to use up stale bread in this easy recipe. Sometimes, we need an easy dessert recipe in our back pocket. Add to that not wanting to waste stale bread. This is where this pumpkin sourdough bread pudding comes in. With all the delicious flavors of …

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homemade sourdough pasta

How to Make Sourdough Pasta

Here’s my easy and simple recipe for delicious sourdough pasta that will sure be a hit in your family. Serve it as is or with your favorite sauce. Everyone is loving sourdough! And for good reason. It makes a fantastic bread whether it’s a lighter artisan style or denser whole-grain European-style bread. Have you thought …

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Cast Iron Sourdough Waffles

It doesn’t get better than that: homemade sourdough waffles in a cast iron waffle maker for easy, delicious, and perfect waffles! Do you love cast iron? Are you enjoying the taste and health benefits of sourdough? Today, I am showing how you can very easily make your own homemade sourdough waffles in a cast iron …

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