Best Gift Ideas for Homemakers and Homesteaders

I am showing you 12 best gift ideas for homemakers and homesteaders. You will surely find a good present for your family member or friend!

Many of us often don’t have any good gift ideas for our family members or friends. At least I don’t …

That is why I put this gift guide together. If you are looking for great gift ideas for people who love to be in the kitchen or are a (urban) homesteader, then I am sure you will find some good inspiration here.

And maybe you will even find something for your own wishlist.

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12 Gift Ideas for Homemakers and Homesteaders

The New Homemade Kitchen” Book

  • What it is: This book is not only a compilation of basic recipes that everyone would love to have, such as how to make a sourdough starter and bake bread. How to make condiments, coffee, ferments, and lots more. It also teaches you about different kitchen items and tools and techniques. I find it extremely valuable for anyone who is new to cooking and baking but also for more seasoned homemakers.
  • Why it’s the perfect gift idea for homemakers and homesteaders: All the recipes are from scratch. It also teaches many useful techniques and recipes that a homemaker or homesteader would love and appreciate. There are many popular and basic as well as more advanced and unusual recipes in The New Homemade Kitchen book.
The New Homemade Kitchen book

Stainless Steel Steamer Basket

  • What it is: Essentially, it is a steamer basket that you can put into pretty much any pot, as it adjusts to the size of the pot. You can then steam your vegetables or other food.
  • Why it’s the perfect gift idea for homemakers and homesteaders: First and foremost, I love that by steaming food, the vitamins and nutrients don’t get leached into the cooking water. That makes this cooking technique healthier. But even more so, you can use it to heat up food with it, too. If you have made salmon cakes, for example, you simply place them into the steamer basket and steam them for 5-10 minutes over boiling water. It is perfect for anyone who does not have a microwave or doesn’t want to use it for reheating.
stainless steel steamer basket

Ferment Starter Cultures

  • What it is: These are starter cultures for anything from sourdough to buttermilk, yogurt, kefir, and various fresh and aged cheeses. They all come in small, flat packages.
  • Why it’s the perfect gift idea for homemakers and homesteaders: Homemakers and homesteaders love to make food from scratch. Especially, traditional foods such as sourdough breads or cultured dairy. Not only are these starter cultures made by the reputable company Cultures for Health, but they also come in packages that you could send by mail in an envelope. They would also make great stocking stuffers! You will get detailed instructions about how to get the starters going. Should you have questions or problems, you can contact the company and they will help you!
Cultures for Health starter culture

Butter Crock or Butter Bell

  • What it is: It is a two-piece item with a bottom and an insert. You will put the butter in the top part, water in the bottom part, and invert the butter part into the bottom. That way you can keep your butter on the counter for up to 30 days.
  • Why it’s the perfect gift idea for homemakers and homesteaders: I don’t know about you but we love using butter, actually a lot of it, and we love that with a butter bell, it stays fresh and spreadable. I have a longer article about various different styles and how to use it properly. It is perfect for your store-bought or homemade butter!
Sweese's ceramic butter crock

Mini Food Processor

  • What it is: It is what it is called: a mini food processor with a much smaller capacity than a larger one or your high-speed blender.
  • Why it’s the perfect gift idea for homemakers and homesteaders: We homemakers love making condiments like mayonnaise or sauce like pestos. However, oftentimes with smaller quantities, they just end up splattering up the sides of the bigger containers of the full-size food processor or blender. This is where this mini-prep comes in. It doesn’t take up much space and it is very affordable while fairly powerful!
Cuisinart mini food processor

(Magnetic) Chalkboard

  • What it is: It is a chalkboard that you can either hang from a nail, suction cup, or anything metal with its magnetic properties.
  • Why it’s the perfect gift idea for homemakers and homesteaders: We love lists! When we are out of groceries, we love keeping a running list of those items on the chalkboard. Before I go to the grocery store, I often just snap a photo of that list. That way I won’t forget what we are out of. Some people love to meal plan and you could use the chalkboard for that. Or use it for a beautiful artwork that will add rustic farmhouse charm to your kitchen.
magnetic chalk board

German Carbon Knife:

  • What it is: These German-made knives come with wooden handles and carbon steel blades.
  • Why it’s the perfect gift idea for homemakers and homesteaders: While these knives will rust if left out wet, they are my favorite knives. With the patina on their blades, they hearken back to simpler times. However, they are highly functional. To a certain extent, they sharpen themselves with use. If you end up having to sharpen them, it only takes a few strikes over a honing steel. And they are highly affordable given their quality.
German carbon knives

Linen Apron

  • What it is: any style apron in a linen fabric
  • Why it’s the perfect gift idea for homemakers and homesteaders: We homemakers love linen for its durability and stain-resistant properties. If you have been following me, you might know that I have a very popular cross-back linen free concept pattern and a fully downloadable and printable pattern. So you could make an apron for that person on your list. Or gift the apron pattern! However, some people would rather purchase an apron. In any case, they always make a great thoughtful gift for cooks and homemakers!
cross-over linen apron

Sourdough Starter

  • What it is: A ferment that you use to leaven your bread or other baked goods.
  • Why it’s the perfect gift idea for homemakers and homesteaders: Many people would love to get started with sourdough but haven’t done so for various reasons. If you have a sourdough starter, you could just add some to a mason jar, wrap it nicely, and gift that. If you don’t, you can purchase a ripe and active starter as a present. That will take any guesswork out of making one and sourdough baked goods are much healthier than yeast-based foods.
sourdough starter

Wooden Spoons

  • What they are: Spoons in all sorts of shapes and sizes.
  • Why it’s the perfect gift idea for homemakers and homesteaders: Nothing says rustic and old-fashioned more than a whole set of wooden spoons. I personally love my collection of antique, vintage, and hand-carved wooden spoons. They are particularly good for cast-iron skillets as you don’t get that uncomfortable screeching of metal against cast-iron. You can get spoons made from different types of wood but they always make a very useful gift. Especially if you get two, tie them together with a nice ribbon, and gift them with some homemade food!
5 different wooden spoons on kitchen counter

German Grain Mill

  • What it is: An electric mill to grind your grains.
  • Why it’s the perfect gift idea for homemakers and homesteaders: We homesteaders prefer milling our flour fresh. Many so-called “whole grain” products actually do not contain the whole grain but only the starch and the bran but not the germ (which is the oily part that tends to get rancid soon). I personally love using the Mockmill Kitchenaid attachment so I don’t have to have another piece of equipment in my kitchen. If you – or the person you’re gifting – like to mill a lot of flour, a dedicated bigger grain mill might be the way to go. All of the Mockmill grain mills are designed and manufactured in Germany and come with a warranty. The grinding mechanism is ceramic which grinds cool and holds up very well. If you’re reading this post before November 19, 2021, you should know that Mockmill is raising their prices on that day. Furthermore, if you use my link, you will benefit from a 5% discount!
Mockmill grain mill

Mason Jar Lids and Tops

  • What they are: Various tops and lids for various purposes for your mason jars.
  • Why it’s the perfect gift idea for homemakers and homesteaders: We homemakers and homesteaders love mason jars. Period. Using different tops and lids with those mason jars makes it easy to store, pour, shake, or squirt whatever you keep in those mason jars. I can’t imagine a use that reCAP Mason Jars does not have a lid for. These caps also make great stocking stuffers!
reCAP Mason Jar Lids

Products mentioned in this post:

The New Homemade Kitchen“, $27

Stainless Steel Steamer Basket, $11

Ferment Starter Cultures, $11

Butter Crock, $19

Mini Food Processor, $35

Magnetic Chalkboard, $35

German Carbon Knives, $23-35

Linen Apron, $16

Sourdough Starter, $10

Wooden Spoons, $30

German Grain Mills, $190 and up

Mason Jar Lids, $9 and up

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  1. This is an excellent list!!!!!! I already saw four items that I need at the moment!! Great post. Thank you so much for sharing!!!

  2. This was such a lovely post. I really appreciate how you have thoughtful gifts, and not every item is overly expensive. So many times , it feels like so much pressure to buy expensive gifts, and this post shows you don’t always need to. Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful gift giving guide.

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